I See Your Preferences, Wendig

Earlier this week, Chuck Wendig posted a piece on his blog – I Smell Your Rookie Moves, New Writers – which, as the title suggests, is a takedown of particular errors he feels newbie authors make. It’s been doing the rounds on my tumblr, Facebook and Twitter feeds, because quite a lot of people I […]



How I experienced the life of a model, with Gudrun Sjoden

I haven’t exactly been blessed with the looks of a model, so no-one was more surprised than me to receive an offer to be photographed for a fashion catalogue. In fact, my first reaction may have been a snort. But it all makes sense when you find out that the invitation came from Gudrun Sjoden. […]



Pride Isn’t What Comes Before The Fall

How about we, instead, raise everyone up. We help everyone find the thing that makes them special. And we realize that someone else having a skill or success doesn’t take away from us. How about realizing that while only one person can statistically be the best at something, we can all be proud of what we do and become when we pursue our own excellence.



Memories of the Animas River Before it Ran Yellow

Mine waste from the Gold King Mine filling the Animas River at Bakers Bridge heading down river to Durango. pic.twitter.com/LOiTulZteA — jerry mcbride (@jerryphotog) August 6, 2015 Yes, we mourn for people, but sometimes we also mourn for places. We can mourn their loss, when we return after many years have passed and find them […]